Queer Girls by MVHPhoto
Queer Girls by MVHPhoto
A Portrait Book of LGBTQ Women

Queer Girls is a film photography book by Marjani Viola Hawkins (MVHPhoto) slated for release in 2017.

This book is Sponsored in part by One-N-Ten Phoenix www.onenten.org

This project is a towering, tremendous series, in full, sunny color, comprised of 35mm portraits of women (both cis/not cis people) who identify as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or any non-conforming sexuality.

Queer Girls aims to highlight the presence of the LGBTQ community in several cities within Arizona through an intimate, visual format- with intentions of making the underrepresented female, queer experience more legible, visible and present.

The lives, stories and relationships of non-conforming women are seldom discussed. The LGBTQ “community” can in some aspects, reflect a more exclusionary mindset than truly intended. This book is a catalyst to inspire much-needed change. Queer women are not, fictional, mythological or simply agents to cater to the male gaze.

Queer women are daughters, wives, mothers, spouses, friends, colleagues, neighbors and most importantly, individuals. This photographic series demonstrates that the LGBTQ community is not on the outskirts of “the rest” of the population. We refuse to be the “Other” - seldom considered in daily discussions and rarely seen. This project aspires to affirm that community is everywhere. Queer Girls is an exhibition of pride, existence, proliferation and shared experiences.

These are the faces of the “LGBTQ” women in Arizona: bold and ready to be known.

We are here. We are real.

Participation in this book free and open to Arizona residents.

All images are photographed on-location; no submissions will be accepted.

*Current website content consists of digital photography previews. Images appearing on website & social media will not run in final film photography book*

Contact mvhphotopress@gmail.com or fill out the in-page form to sign up for your portrait photo-shoot.

A press kit will be provided upon email request to organizations/companies interested in sponsoring Queer Girls.